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We embarked on three different projects with The Royal Society – An event and lecture series called ’You and AI’ looking at advancements and applications of artificial intelligence, and two documentary series to support their Summer Science Exhibitions, investigating the origins and future of the human race.












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Clockwise is a production partner for The Royal Society, we cater for their event production needs, use our expertise to tell stories surrounding their events, and develop social content strategies that make their academic content more accessible to a wider audience.


The first challenge was to gain a basic understanding of the science involved in the content by launching ourselves into their academic world. We were then able to break down and simplify their complex scientific content into digestible films that can be understood by the general public.

We worked in partnership with The Royal Society and Fisher Productions on the events, covering their lectures and creating supporting social content. We covered key contributors in their natural environments and used 2D and 3D animation to explain the science visually at an accessible level. The campaign culminated in a live-streamed finale event at the Barbican, hosted by the renowned Professor Brian Cox.

For our latest documentary series with Royal Society, we wanted enrich the engagement of the content we were producing, so we enlisted the help of Esme Todd to present this series, acting as a bridge to help the wider world engage with academic content Esme was vital in helping to breakdown the research areas in an engaging and energetic way.


We used our experience in the entertainment industries, editing with fast cuts and post-production techniques usually associated with music, sport and fashion films to make their content more accessible and exciting. In turn, we reached a wider audience through their social channels and introduced a younger market to the world of science. The final events were streamed live to thousands of budding scientists and their social channels saw substantial growth over the period of these projects.


Dan Higginson & Chris Light


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Dan Higginson, Chris Light, Sim Higginson & Luke De La Nougerede


Chris Light & Dan Higginson

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