Documentary Production

Documentary Production

Tell your story and connect with audiences with our documentary production services. Documentary production and the filmmaking process is at the heart of our video production company. With a wealth of combined experience, our talented team of filmmakers, videographers and photographers specialise in human-centric storytelling, creating compelling narratives guaranteed to captivate your target audience.

Whether you need a long-form brand documentary production for broadcast, or short stories for your social media campaigns, we’ve got you covered with our team of talented documentary film directors and content creators.

Our agile documentary crew will find the stories, nurture talent and facilitate partnerships between brands and platforms to tell your story and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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Defected Records

  • Feature documentary that reinforced the label’s reputation at the forefront of disco music and the LGBTQI+ community
  • Featuring interviews with disco pioneers Kathy Sledge, Nicky Siano and John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez
  • Premiered on YouTube and acquired by Amazon Prime
  • 50,000 views for the premiere
  • 91% 5* reviews on Amazon Prime
  • 7.4 rating on IMDB
  • 4 film festivals and 8 country releases
  • Supported the label’s sales targets and cemented relationships with key collaborators and figureheads such as Billie Porter


  • Feature documentary on the most prolific techno DJ from Ukraine, as she fled her country following the Russian invasion
  • Launched Beatport’s documentary arm in order to grow their channels and connect with their global audience
  • Toured 5 countries in a week with Nastia to tell her story, as she raised money from DJing to send back to her homeland
  • Collaborated and remote directed a local film crew in Kyiv to capture emotive scenes during the invasion of Ukraine
  • 11 pieces of international and industry press coverage
  • Reaching an audience of 1.14m


We have a wide range of video production services to get your documentary production up and running.

  • Research and development to investigate stories and build your narrative arc
  • Find and nurture relationships with talent
  • Feature length documentary production and post-production for major broadcasters
  • Social media content production and storytelling across multiple channels
  • Facilitate partnerships between brands, channels, platforms and audiences with shared values
  • Tell your story and connect with your audience on a deep emotional level

What do our clients have to say?

  • Defected Records

    I knew Clockwise would be the perfect people to help us realise our long-form video content ideas, their previous work spoke for itself and ticked all of our boxes. Upon commencing the project they immersed themselves fully in the brand to get to the root of the message we wanted to communicate. Professional and fun all the way, they went beyond the call of duty not only in capturing the content needed but in the edit suite, consolation and more.

    – Simon Dawson – Marketing COO – Defected Records

  • Nastia DJ

    Filming my first trip back to Kyiv since I fled home was extremely important for me; without that my story won’t be complete, so I am absolutely grateful to the team for making it happen. The whole team were so easy going and I definitely could trust them with my story. The process was smooth and friendly, careful and professional. Lots of respect to everybody involved; I feel like I became a part of something special

    – Nastia, DJ

  • Beatport

    Just got round to watching it [HE.SHE.THEY documentary] – fucking amazing! Love it! WELL DONE! Really really happy with it.

    – Ed Hill – VP Creative Services – Beatport