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L’Oréal Professionnel and Clockwise have been working together for eight years on a variety of projects including social media content, full campaign photo shoots and large scale events across the UK. This was our first collaboration on a tv style live stream.


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Our partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel is extensive but the biggest annual project has been the L’Oréal Colour Trophy – a nine month competition that travels the country and culminates in a huge finale event in London. In 2020 the competition was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Once the initial lockdown was eased and the team at L’Oréal were able to pick things up again, they were challenged to do a virtual event with the aim to ‘inspire the hairdressing industry and show that L’Oréal’s London team were leading the way’. With that in mind, they came to us to put on the company’s biggest live stream to date.

The project involved several parts in which we worked with their internal events team side by side, from beginning to end. We were brought in to develop the digital creative, produce the video content, run the technical delivery of the show and shape how everything looked for the stream.

Working remotely, constantly changing regulations and having to feature talent from across the UK and Ireland presented us with a set of unique challenges to constantly adapt to throughout the journey. With travel limited, we had hairdressers sending us self-shot footage with a wide range of different styles that we had to use to produce a cohesive hair show. On set we had to adhere to COVID-19 safety procedures including regular temperature checks and PPE and due to timings we were required to produce a hair show for TONI&GUY within four days of the broadcast.

The event took place at the Sea Containers hotel, in order to centralise the event with the Iconic London skyline. There was a Clockwise crew of 15 as well as talent, L’Oréal and TONI&GUY team members.  With strict limits on how many people could be on set, we had to carefully manage the movement of people from load in to load out, in order to fulfil the venue and government guidelines.

The result of this operation is that the Stronger Together live stream is now looked upon as the gold standard of how to do a live stream for the L’Oréal brands. With the landscape changing so quickly in 2020, it was a big move for them and we were integrated throughout the process, resulting in a successful campaign with strong results.


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