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Resident Advisor has partnered with Clockwise since 2011 on numerous music documentaries and live productions; investigating scenes, stories and characters from the world of dance music.


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"We’ve worked with Clockwise since the first Real Scenes film and they've played a key role in shaping and evolving the series. The team have a great instinct for storytelling, they constantly contribute ideas and solutions throughout the filming and editing process and are always a pleasure to work with." - Patrick Nation - Head of Films - Resident Advisor


The partnership began with Real Scenes, a pioneering series that paved the way for long-form online music documentaries, lifting the lid on club scenes all over the world, from Bristol to Berlin, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Detroit. In a world of snackable content, Resident Advisor and Clockwise went against the grain to produce a series of films that let the stories and characters breathe.

Real Scenes had an instant impact on the music and film industries, proving that long-form content can thrive online. Episodes from the series have been screened at film festivals all over the world and have been awarded the coveted ‘staff picks’ badge by Vimeo. The series has attracted millions of viewers and served as a major traffic driver to the Resident Advisor website, helping to cement the publication’s reputation as the leading voice in electronic music, with an appetite for producing rich and ambitious online content.

Real Scenes was succeeded by Between the Beats – a series which provided an insight into performing artists’ lives on the road, then Origins, exploring the early lives of dance music’s pioneers, and an array of live sets and festival performances. The success of these projects led Resident Advisor to establish a specialist film department, with whom we continue to collaborate, forging a legacy of which both teams can be immensely proud.

“Filming Real Scenes in Johannesburg was the trip of a lifetime. It felt like a constant game of cat and mouse; with new scenes to shoot on every street corner alongside constant reminders of the potential dangers that came with filming in the city. In one township we parked up at a DIY street party where I was instantly told my camera was worth more than the venue… We were filming Black Coffee, an artist who outsells Madonna in South Africa. Thousands of people spilled out of the venue and into the street. We might not have made it out with our phones in our pockets but we left with some golden footage.”
- Sim Higginson - DOP


Patrick Nation


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Sim Higginson, Dan Higginson

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