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The Rapper Who Chopped His Penis Off

This hard-hitting documentary took Clockwise to the heart of the LA hip-hop community to examine questions about mental health in the music industry. The heart-wrenching story of Wu-Tang affiliate Andre Johnson, aka Christ Bearer, was produced for BBC Three and released via iPlayer to coincide with the channel’s mental health season.


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“Looking great, well-done guys. Good job.”
- Max Gogarty - Executive Editor - BBC Three


We worked with director Tim Crawley to develop the documentary concept and secure a commission from the BBC. The film’s delicate subject matter required a considerate and conscientious approach throughout production. Extensive discussions took place before filming could begin, to ensure all parties were comfortable that the story could be told in a thoughtful and insightful way that would do justice to the subject matter, audience and platform.

This was a major milestone for Clockwise; our first commission from the BBC and one of the most rewarding projects in the company’s history. The documentary instantly became one of the most-watched programmes on iPlayer, providing a platform for a brave and charming character to tell an important story, reaching millions of people, and sparking a conversation about issues that are often hidden. The film formed an integral part of BBC Three’s mental health season and paved the way for future documentary collaborations.

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