Glitterbox and Defected Records approached us with an idea, and we made it move. Together we needed to tell the story of disco, in order to educate the next generation of music lovers. The aim was to spread the message of freedom, expression and acceptance on the dancefloor that birthed this important music scene. The story revolves around a handful of characters from different walks of life, their journeys to the dancefloor and personal struggles.



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I knew Clockwise would be the perfect people to help us realise our long-form video content ideas, their previous work spoke for itself and ticked all of our boxes. Upon commencing the project they immersed themselves fully in the brand to get to the root of the message we wanted to communicate. Professional and fun all the way, they went beyond the call of duty not only in capturing the content needed but in the edit suite, consolation and more. - Simon Dawson - Marketing COO - Defected Records


After an extensive pre-production period, we embarked on the challenging mission to tell the story of disco through a new lens.

It’s a huge story to tell and we accepted that we couldn’t feature every person or visit every location that has been instrumental to the scene. We focused our attention on Ibiza, New York, London and Croatia, in order to show the origins and the new face of disco music.

The main challenge was the pandemic hitting near the end of production. Luckily we had the club and festival scenes in the bag, as we weren’t going to see many of those for a while, but we still needed to capture the master interviews which formed the backbone of the film. We picked our moment and made it happen. For the first time in the history of Clockwise, the director joined us remotely from Berlin. Little did we know this would soon become the norm.

After many twists, turns and narrative changes, we produced a film that we’re immensely proud of. The film features some of the industry figureheads that were instrumental to the birth of disco music, from Nicky Siano to Kathy Sledge, as well as the brave dancers who opened their hearts in front of the camera.


The film premiered with a virtual live event on YouTube, then went live on Amazon Prime, where it sits on-demand to entertain, educate and inspire audiences for years to come.

The film has been streamed by hundreds of thousands, launched in multiple countries and premiered at four film festivals. We have reached countless people who need to hear the important messages of self-expression and inclusion.

The film begins a new strand of content for Glitterbox and Defected, elevating the brands by going deeper into the stories and characters that form the music movements that shape our lives.

The documentary naturally supports the label’s record sales targets by integrating key artist collaborators, such as Billy Porter. This allows additional content opportunities to run alongside the main documentary.




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