For our latest episode of the Connect With series, we partnered Rugby and Football. Combining the two popular sports with top talent Ben Chilwell and Brian O’Discroll, the episode follows the talent through a series of challenges, encouraging them to practice drills relative to their opposing sport.

sports video production

To make the most of the coverage from the Rugby World Cup we targeted the biggest weekend of Rugby. Our content was to land on Quarter final weekend of the World Cup to maximise exposure.

The format for the episode was a Job Swap with each talent taking on relatibale and equivalent skills from each sport: Top Bins, Penalties and Bomb Disposal. With only an hour to complete filming, the video production team were hot on their feet and ready to follow the action.

During the episode, we employed versatile shooting methods such as the use of a Drone and GoPros. Attaching GoPros to the goalpost allowed us to capture a unique perspective as the balls landed into the nets. The drone gave us a larger perspective of the pitch, integrating a birdseye view of the challenge within the episode.


In addition to the main episode, we gave Chilwell the chance to create his own Rugby dream team. Using Chelsea’s football fan base, we created an opportunity to educate the football audience about Rugby through an engaging format. This task drew parallels between the two sporting personalities, sparking debate on positioning. The conversation between the talent was organic, giving the viewers a unique perspective which isn’t normally shown on standard TV formats. With Ben opening up on personality traits and Brian giving insight into the nuances of rugby positioning.

Overall, our video production team were successful in delivering multiple assets for the latest episode. We’re looking forward to what comes next!