A lot of our work lands in brand awareness video production. Whether covering events, shaping documentaries or creating content packages for brands. With variety being the spice of life, we’re excited to get stuck into a more e-commerce-based brief, selling a product directly to consumers.

To coincide with Black Friday and the run-up to Xmas The Oxford Artisan Distillery were looking for a set of films to enhance their sales relating to the offers they have.

We set about scripting 3 x 30-second reels using a different member of the distillery to front each offer. Like with any brand, the tone was key to complementing the product’s identity. Premium and humorous are the two key components to include in the video production.

The Distillery itself does daily tours of the site providing the perfect location for the shoot. We produced TOAD a set of films with a mix of beauty product shots and self-deprecating jokes. The films were natively shot for Instagram reels, with a punchy and direct tone. This is to draw attention to the social media platform that performs best for the client. 

We look forward to more video production for TOAD next year; however, for now, it’s time to enjoy a glass of fantastic whiskey.