This summer we were invited to work with The Oxford Artisan Distillery. The campaign promoted their flagship product – Rye Whisky. We pride ourselves on maximising every filming opportunity with our clients. For this project, we created a bank of social content for a strategic release across their channels.

T.O.A.D is a premium whisky that puts sustainable values at the heart of their product. Lammas Day (August 1st) marks the most important day of their annual calendar – the day of the harvest and the start of the journey from field to bottle. 

This year T.O.A.D put on a stunning bespoke event in the grain fields of Oxford. We maximised the exposure of the event for the T.O.A.D marketing team to roll out a campaign over the following months that promoted their latest edition of Rye Whisky. 

“We wanted to excite the world around our inaugural Lammas Day celebrations and Clockwise knocked it out of the park! The assets they created are stunning – beautiful, funny, perfectly in keeping with brand. The engagement levels across socials were off the charts. We are looking forward to next year already!’

Mark Harvey

Our Approach

Firstly, we utilised the rare opportunity of having all the brand’s leaders together at the event. This aided us in telling an authentic brand story that helps the customer understand the true values of the company. We conducted interviews in the middle of the grain fields where the product begins its journey. 

Our second mission was to help showcase the event that was taking place. This was a chance to reminisce and create a brand film to advertise the festival next year.

We had the exciting prospect of having access to a field full of some of the leading voices in the world’s drinks industry. We were keen to exploit this opportunity with some fun social media outputs. This included a quick-fire questions series with industry leaders. The relaxed environment was perfect for our contributors to loosen up and provide comical and insightful answers to questions all around the theme of Rye Whisky. 

Finally, we provided a catalogue of location and product shots to enable T.O.A.D to give their website a facelift with some beautiful imagery from the event. As always, the key to success was careful pre-production. We asked ourselves at every step how to maximise the opportunity that the Lammas Day event presented. 

‘From our initial introduction through to final sign off, Clockwise were always responsive, professional and willing to go the extra mile. The team’s creativity is next level, delivering our brief and then some!’ 

Philippa Turner