On the evening of Wednesday, January 24th, our latest documentary video production took centre stage at Ealing Picture House in London. The film follows the journey of a convoy of aid workers on a mission to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid.

The focus of this humanitarian endeavour? Mattresses. Those familiar fixtures are destined for a new lease of life for those who need them the most. The documentary sheds light on the collaboration between Premier Inn and Hope and Aid Direct. We follow as they orchestrate the transportation of these mattresses from hotels across Europe to a makeshift shelter in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Behind the wheel, our dedicated volunteers navigate a convoy of three trucks to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Once we arrived, we handed them over to our Ukrainian partners. In collaboration with the Kyiv-based charity, Ukraine on Palms, and local production team, Radioaktive, together they ensured the mattresses reached their final destination.

The resulting video production serves as a poignant reminder of the faces, stories, and lives behind the statistics of a humanitarian crisis. It gives a voice to those often overlooked.


This initiative is not just about recycling used mattresses; it’s about acknowledging a social responsibility that extends beyond corporate borders. Premier Inn’s commitment to repurposing resources serves as a powerful call to action for other corporations to reevaluate their social obligations. By recycling and redirecting surplus resources, businesses can play a crucial role in supporting crises.

The ultimate goal of this documentary is ambitious yet profoundly noble. To improve the humanitarian sector by catalyzing a shift in how aid is distributed. The hope is to create a ripple effect, inspiring more corporations to contribute meaningfully to communities in crisis.

This video production stands as a reminder that the collective strength of humanity can create a compassionate future, challenging us to contribute to making the world a better place for those who need it most.