The biggest L’Oréal launch of the year had to make a real impact. Clockwise oversaw a content creation day to capture the ethos of the Tecni.ART range.

These content days can be a really efficient way of generating a wide range of multi-platform content in a short space of time – but they require a large amount of pre-production work to clearly identify what needs to be delivered and how that’s going to be achieved. Our approach is to break the shoot down and assign highly specific tasks to each crew member – making sure everyone on set knows where their focus should be at all times!


This shoot was all about relaunching the Tecni.ART professional styling range. L’Oréal invited 38 top hairdressers and 50 models and influencers to Central Saint Martins to test out the products; our job was to shoot all the striking original looks created on the day while capturing the energy, excitement and spirit of collaboration on set. Deliverables included 32 after videos in square and portrait, 32 flat lays, one sizzle reel and a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos.

Our main crew comprised a producer and three shooters, working with FS7s and an A7sii on a handheld gimbal, while an additional shooter worked with the stylists to produce GIFs ready to be distributed via social media throughout the day. Clockwise also worked with L’Oréal to assemble a separate photography team and appoint an on-site illustrator to add to the range of content being produced on the day.


The Tecni.ART ethos is ‘raw and untouched’ and ‘0% re-touching’ – so we wanted to reflect this in the sizzle reel. Encouraging the models to interact with the camera gave the film a ‘behind the scenes’ aesthetic and handheld camera movements created an edgier style than typically found in beauty films. A rock soundtrack gave us a grittier, punchier beat to play with in the edit. Social was a big part of the shoot so we incorporated Instagram buzz into the sizzle.

Clockwise senior creative Chris Light said: “L’Oréal wanted attitude, vibrancy and energy for the relaunch of its Tecni.ART product range, moving away from the typical slow-motion fashion aesthetic. The product range slogan is ‘0% Retouched 100% Tecni.ART’ and we set out to capture that ethos as we shot and edited a content package to represent the brand. The resulting film feels young, modern and distinct from the other L’Oréal brand visuals.”


Ollie Prince Chris Light Luke Nougie Archie Thomas Chris Chudleigh