Clockwise joined forces with the world’s foremost scientific academy to produce a documentary mini-series showcasing innovative emerging technologies.

Every year the Royal Society hosts the Summer Science Exhibition: a week-long festival that celebrates cutting edge research being undertaken by UK scientists and designers. The event brings together a range of exhibitors in central London and offers students and the academic community an insight into the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs.


We worked with the institution to produce a series of short documentaries highlighting six of the 22 exhibitors in attendance at this year’s festival. Each film features an introduction from Professor Brian Cox and weaves together interviews, B-roll footage and animation to explain technical concepts in an engaging manner while offering a glimpse into the personalities of those driving advancements in each field.

The series covered subjects ranging from self-driving cars to timber skyscrapers. We had to make sure we understood the scientific content of each film while finding a way to explain theoretical concepts which couldn’t easily be captured through a camera lens. Our solution was to produce 3D models in Cinema4D which were then refined in After Effects to lend them a handcrafted style designed to engage a non-technical audience.


The series was initially commissioned to promote the Summer Science Exhibition but generated such a positive response that the Royal Society has since decided to continue hosting the films online as evergreen educational content. In just over two months the films have accumulated more than 270,000 views, helping to spread the word about some of the most exciting innovations in UK science and technology.

“We worked closely with the Royal Society to make sure we brought some highly technical concepts to life in an entertaining way – without oversimplifying the science.”

Chris Light, Senior Creative