All of us have quickly had to adapt to a very different world. Over the last few months, we’ve faced our own challenges, dealt with hardship in different ways, but perhaps also picked up some new skills and knowledge.

The film industry was hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Clockwise, however, was built to last. As the lockdown is lifted, many businesses will be looking towards the future with a sense of hope and perhaps working on plans to engage audiences in new and exciting ways.

There will, of course, be a ‘new normal’ way of working. Fortunately, for Clockwise, that doesn’t look too different from our ‘old normal’ way of working. We’ve been keeping eye on the rapidly changing rules affecting the film-making industry and have highlighted a few points below to give you peace of mind when considering a collaboration.

Small teams

Clockwise has always worked in small, mobile teams, where each crew member wears multiple hats in order to efficiently meet the need of a production. The Advertising Producers Association’s (APA) guidelines state that only essential crew members should be on a shoot, which suits our approach to filmmaking perfectly.

Our own kit

We own all our own cameras, lenses, lighting and sound equipment – including the new Canon C500 (offering full-frame 5.9k raw picture for full cinematic quality). This helps us reduce the risk of contamination by minimising human contact. On the rare occasions when we might need to rent a specialist piece of equipment, we ensure all kit is cleaned and sanitised before it arrives on a shoot.


The pandemic has led to financial hardship and created budget restraints for many companies. The use of Clockwise in-house resources (as mentioned above, small crews and all of our own kit) means we can provide both high production values and cost-effective service. Lower cost productions minimise the risk to your company – while ensuring your messages reach the right audience in the right way.


Our producers are qualified COVID Supervisors, certified by the APA. Through careful planning and risk assessment, we will take every possible step to ensure a safe production environment. With offices in London and Bristol, and clients all over the world, we’re already experts in organising production remotely. For any tasks that need to be completed in person, we will ensure a safe environment for our clients and crew.


Our virtual and mobile approach is suitable for all kinds of production, from documentaries to virtual events and live streams, studio shoots and product shots, post-production and animation projects. Whatever project you have in mind, contact us to see how we can safely produce your content and make your ideas move.

To find out more, contact and one of our producers will respond asap.