We are thrilled to announce a momentous win for Clockwise.film: becoming the official content production partner for Fielden Whisky. A new brand renowned for its commitment to heritage grains, sustainable farming practices, and exceptional quality. This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Authentic storytelling and innovative branded content production come together to celebrate a whisky brand like no other.

Why Clockwise.film is the Perfect Fit for Fielden

Fielden Whisky set out to find a video production agency to tell their story and capture the essence of their brand. At Clockwise.film, authentic storytelling is our bread and butter. We believe that in today’s world, audiences are too savvy to fall for anything less than genuine. Fielden Whisky’s dedication to sustainability and its rich heritage provided a perfect canvas to showcase our expertise in crafting compelling brand films.

Our pitch for Fielden Whisky was a testament to our innovative approach to branded content production. We proposed a variety of creative concepts, from raw lifestyle visuals to intimate tasting sessions. All are designed to highlight the unique story of Fielden. We aim to create visuals that not only promote their whisky but also convey a deeper narrative of heritage and sustainable practices.

Initial Films for Launch

Brand Launch Film: We have crafted an evocative brand film that sets the tone for Fielden Whisky. This film captures the essence of Fielden’s heritage, the quality of their products, and their unwavering commitment to sustainable farming. Through powerful visuals and compelling storytelling, we introduce audiences to the world of Fielden Whisky. Creating an emotional connection and laying the foundation for the rest of the campaign.

Sustainable Farming Methods: In addition to the brand film, we produced a detailed film that provides insight into Fielden’s sustainable farming methods. This film showcases the meticulous care and traditional techniques used to cultivate the heritage grains. By highlighting these practices, we educate viewers on the importance of sustainable agriculture in producing high-quality whisky.

Conclusion: Looking Forward

As we embark on this journey with Fielden Whisky, we are filled with excitement and anticipation. Our goal is to craft a video production social content campaign that not only promotes their exceptional whisky but also tells a profound story of heritage, sustainability, and community. This campaign has the potential to set a new standard for how whisky brands connect with their audience. Our social content strategy aims to enhance their online presence and reach a broader audience by leveraging authentic and engaging content.

We look forward to what the future holds with Fielden Whisky. Together, we will create a narrative that celebrates the essence of their brand. Stay tuned for an incredible social content campaign that promises to be as unforgettable as a fine glass of Fielden Whisky.