Just a stone’s throw from our Bristol HQ, we saw an exciting project come to Cabot Circus shopping centre, introducing Cabot Circus x Curb King. The Multi-Story car park transformed its top floor into a temporary skatepark for the local scene to enjoy. The motivation behind the project was to engage with a new generation of potential shoppers. The various stakeholders of Hammerson’s and Red Bull commissioned Clockwise to capture the best of the action. Clockwise’s love of skating, both personally and professionally adding a layer of authenticity to the project. Working with two different brands allowed a more cost-effective approach, alongside specific time allocated to various different events in the week. As a result of capturing a range of activities, each stakeholder was able to get precisely what they required for marketing purposes. 

Influencer Film

The week started with an influencer lead project in order to promote the opening of the skatepark. It’s all very well producing a great skatepark, however, the public needed a taste of what it is all about in order to visit.  Clockwise teamed up with pro skateboarders Alice Smith, Alex Decunha and Jamie Griffin as they visited the skatepark for a behind-closed-doors session. By using the reach of Instagram influencers to promote the project, the team at Cabot Circus were able to promote the opening straight to their intended target audience. The news of the unique skatepark spread like wildfire online within the skate scene, resulting in the park being visited by a huge number of people.

The project’s centrepiece was a film for Hammersons’ who are the owner of multiple shopping centres in and around the UK. Hammerson’s were keen to promote their outreach work to resonate with the local skateboard scene. Hammerson’s wanted it to act as a rallying call to other shopping centres, subsequently rolling out similar projects at multiple sites across the country. To contextualise the scale of the project, we used a drone to showcase the geography of what had been created. As part of the film, we were on hand to gather opinions of key contributors such as Campus Skateparks and Canvas Spaces. Both companies were involved in the building and skate teaching on-site. We have regularly collaborated with these companies in the past, therefore ensuring authenticity was at the heart of the film. 

Cabot Circus X Curb King

The finale of the week came on the final Saturday of Half Term with Red Bull hosting the UK’s first-ever Cabot Circus X Curb King competition. Skaters from across the UK were present to battle it out for the crown. The unique competition was a pleasure to film. Red Bull wanted a fast-paced event clip which targeted the die-hard skateboarding audience. The pace of the competition was fast and unrelenting but Clockwise was on hand to not miss a trick! A mix of long lens and follow cam fisheye made sure each trick was captured. To ensure the authentic street-style skate edit feel, the team were shooting on boards themselves.