Long gone are the days when a festival could be summed up with a single aftermovie. At Boomtown Fair, we now deploy a team of more than 30 people at the festival to capture everything happening over the weekend from every possible angle!

During our 10-year partnership with the festival team we’ve developed an extensive package of content which showcases every aspect of the Boomtown Fair experience – and keeps the festival’s social channels busy throughout the year.

This year we debuted a new format: a series of short documentaries focused on the people behind some of the most weird and wonderful sets, stages, and experiences at the festival…

We know just how much effort goes into putting on a festival of this scale and ambition. These documentaries help shine a light on the characters who make it possible.

Senior creative Sim Higginson: “Over the course of five days an agile two-person team visited festival team members to showcase their talents and hear what makes them tick. It was a shoot full of variety; one moment we were interviewing the world’s youngest DJ and later that evening we were staying up late in an Irish punk bar.  

“It was a brave choice by Boomtown to commission these films – revealing what happens behind the scenes at the festival. But the intimate nature is what makes them so special and helps the audience connect with the festival in a new way. We’re really excited about making this a permanent part of our Boomtown content package.”

You can watch all the Boomtown mini-docs as they go live on the Boomtown YouTube page.

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