Our new documentary series for Eventbrite features the next generation of talented event promoters from across the UK.

Nightlife isn’t dead; it’s evolving. That was the message from the 2017 documentary we produced for Eventbrite which looked at the future of the British nightlife scene.

Following on from that project, we’ve partnered with Eventbrite once again to produce a series of films focusing on young promoters in five major cities – London, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester.

The idea was to showcase the people and ideas which are driving nightlife forward – while changing society for the better through art, music and culture.

It was inspiring to meet so many people working on innovative and ambitious projects inspired by passions as diverse as music, art, food and theatre.

The films are being released one week at a time and accompanied by launch events in the host cities. Some lively discussions have already been taking place to work through some of the themes that arose in the five episodes!

Despite the well-documented challenges facing nightlife, producing this series left us feeling heartened that the next generation is keeping the movement alive!


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