NFT‘s have hit the world by storm and their popularity has rocketed in the last year. Misunderstood by some, making life-changing wealth for others. Like it or not, these little jpegs and gifs are here to stay. 

NFT’s solve a huge problem that many digital artists have faced, ‘how do you create value in digital art?’ By providing unique lines of code associated with the artwork file, NFT’s have become a tool that enables artists to not only authenticate art but sell it and benefit from the royalties. In many cases sharing these rewards with their fanbase.

From their early beginnings on the outskirts of the nerdy pockets of the internet, NFT’s have hit the mainstream and have been readily adopted by the likes of Disney, Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg

They’re not just for visual artists. Drake’s latest concert tickets were NFT’s, which allowed the audience to enter the gig, get special VIP access and even receive money, depending on how financially successful the event was. By giving artists the tools to monetise their work, NFT’s are breaking down the barriers between artists and their fans. 

It’s a pivotal moment for an exciting industry, so we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the team behind the newest and hottest NFT collection – Doods. 

Doods are NFT collectables, rooted in the music industry. The core Doods team have spent their careers and lives immersed in the 90’s music scene, which is reflected in the artwork and vibe of the Doods identity. People buy into the culture, as a reflection of themselves and their passions. This couldn’t be more true than in our digital personas.

We were approached initially to animate some artwork and to create interesting marketing ammunition to get NFT audiences captivated by the drop. Since we jumped aboard the project we have been welcomed by the Doods team and have been working across the whole marketing campaign, from editing teasers and trailers for the launch to filming graffiti artists spray painting 7-foot Doods artworks across several spots in East London. 

We’re feeding our own experiences and inspirations from the 90’s-early noughties music, skateboarding, fashion and culture scenes. Making this project very close to our hearts and giving us a warming nostalgic feeling.