It was great to be asked to take part in Canon’s Master The Craft film series earlier this year. The opportunity arose at the right time. We had just finished a 3-day skate cinematography workshop, so the ideas and theory covered in the film were at the forefront of my mind. 

There are so many skill sets that you learn from filming skateboarding that will put you in good stead for pursuing a career in the wider film industry – Shot composition, understanding and experimenting with camera settings, being quick and responsive to ever-changing situations. These skills have all helped our work at Clockwise, especially in the documentary sector. 

Experimenting with un-released camera gear was a great opportunity for me. I have always been a big Canon fan and our go-to camera is the C500. For the purpose of the Masterclass, we were sent the Canon EOS C70 and XF605. Both cameras had specific features that lent themselves to filming skateboarding. Talking through the features on-camera really helped me explore them more. 

I am a firm believer that skateboarding is a great tool to encourage alternative education. The more young people that find filmmaking through activities like skateboarding the better.

Dan Higginson -Creative Director