We recently embarked on an innovative video production docu-series project with AIMI – a groundbreaking platform that uses artificial intelligence to compose human-created sounds intuitively. Our goal was to explore the transformative potential of AI in music creation, as we pulled at the threads of what really motivates musicians, finding out what makes them tick, whilst discovering why they wanted to be part of a (somewhat controversial) AI platform.

This short documentary production series explores why music is so important, how environments shape the artists, where they want to take their music, and how technology can enhance the music experience.

Underlying these films were the urgent undertones of technology. How technology has shaped the way in which musicians make music, and what they think about emerging technologies such as AI in the creation process as a whole.

Whenever we approach a documentary production, our video production filmmakers always ask ‘why now? Making films that are a part of the wider conversations that society is having is so important in telling a story that engages with an audience.

With these films, we aimed to transcend the normal branded docu-series format and create something timely and culturally important. As we interviewed the artists, we asked for their honest opinions on the opportunities and threats of AI. As you can see from the video production above, their answers reflected that.

We really enjoyed the process of making these films with the editorial team at AIMI. It was an eye-opening insight into the world of AI and how it can be used as a tool across all creative sectors. It was also quite a relief to realise the importance of human touch in using these AI tools in making content, as without that, the creative output will lack the empathy, joy, humour and shared experience that really brings art to life.