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Surreal fashion visuals and social content campaigns for one of the leading creative minds in the hairdressing industry. Richard Phillipart takes the headline slot at the renowned L’Oréal Colour Trophy.








Lighting setups


Headed Model


WOW moment

“Working with the Clockwise team is always such a pleasure and ease. Finding a team that not only understand the creative direction I am trying to bring to life but can enhance it and take it even further than I had imagined is a unique and precious thing and what keeps me coming back to them time and time again” - Richard Phillipart, Visionary


The challenge was to interpret the creative vision and process in the artist’s head and bring this to life in film and on stage. Once the creative direction had been agreed on, the brief was to maximize the opportunity with the talent and create as much content as possible to elevate the brand and promote the event on social media.


For the first project, we shot the models in multiple spots within the same location for variety in the content, from the taxidermy-covered interior to the rooftop terrace. We shot on multiple mediums to provide contrast in the output, switching between a premium camera setup and an old mini DV camera.

For the second project, we shot four different lighting setups in one day, making the budget work for the client and creating a huge bank of visuals. Once the light was in place, we documented the action on multiple mediums for different usage, with an Alexa Mini for the hero content and native phone coverage for social media.


Due to using different cameras, lighting setups, and locations, we created an extensive content package for the artist and events. With one day of filming at each location, we really made the budget work for the client. We created show pieces for the stage, hero content for the brands, phone native content to increase engagement online, and stills to support the campaign.

Behind the scenes

The final project was built towards the WOW moment at the end of the main event in London. The crowd gasped when the two-headed model appeared on the screens and live on stage. This moment cemented Richard Phillipart’s reputation as one of the leading creative minds at the forefront of the hair industry and reinforced his brand’s experimental reputation.


Dan Higginson / Gareth Walker


Ollie Prince / Andrew Harrison


Steve Dunn / Archie Thomas


Dan Higginson / Chris Light / Jon Blanshard

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