The Vision and the Drive

In the last four years, Daniel Higginson, company director and passionate skateboarder, has successfully raised over £200,000 to upgrade two local skateparks in the Bristol area. Of this impressive sum, £50,000 came directly from community fundraising campaigns. The secret to his success? The compelling power of authentic and relatable fundraiser videos combined with the strategic use of social media.

The Power of Film in Fundraising

“Video content can engage an audience and earn their trust, which is essential when asking for donations,” Dan explains. He found that starting each campaign with a fun, informative video was crucial. These videos outlined the cause, explained the path to completion, and set the tone for the fundraising journey. Dan didn’t stop there; he followed up with self-shot vlogs to keep the audience updated on progress and to add a personal touch with sincere expressions of gratitude.

Building Momentum Through Authenticity

“As the money raised increased, so did awareness. With that comes more interest and donations. It’s amazing the momentum you can generate,” Dan shares. His approach to video content was not only about informing but also about connecting with the audience on a personal level. This authenticity resonated with viewers, encouraging them to contribute and become a part of the project’s success.

Leveraging Social Media

To support the campaigns, Dan set up various social channels under the handle Bristol Skatepark Collective. “These gained some good momentum, especially in the final stages of the campaign,” Dan notes. The reach and influence of social media were instrumental in spreading the word, engaging the community, and driving donations. “I honestly don’t know how a project like this would be possible without social media,” he adds.

The Impact and the Future

The result of these efforts is now tangible: two fully upgraded skateparks at Dean Lane and Victoria Park. For Dan, this project was not just about the skateparks themselves but also about combining his love for skateboarding with his passion for filmmaking. “Skateboarding has given me so much over the years, especially when it comes to igniting my love and passion for filmmaking. It’s amazing to be able to combine these skills and create something meaningful for the community,” Dan reflects.

Daniel Higginson’s journey in upgrading Bristol’s skateparks showcases the power of film and social media in fundraising. His story is a testament to how passion, authenticity, and strategic use of digital tools can bring a community together and achieve remarkable outcomes.