It’s no secret that the Clockwise team were yearning for the return of events during the pandemic. We missed the dancefloors, festivals and catwalks that we call home. As the summer draws to a close and we reflect on the last few months, it feels like our wish came true.

Events did indeed come back in a big way, and some in a slightly different way. As predicted, the virtual events and live streams remained an important part of our operation. More importantly we saw the return of mass gatherings, high fives, hugs and hybrid events. 

With the return of events, comes the return of Clockwise’s famous on-site edits. Our team was itching to pick up where we left off and produce high energy montages. The perfect way to capitalise on the buzz of these events across our partner social channels. 


After producing a virtual event in place of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy in 2020 (Stronger Together), the 65th anniversary of the leading hairdressing industry event was back. Clockwise produced an extensive 360 content package to promote the campaign on socials, and created stunning visuals for the event itself. The on-site edit showed some highlights of the event and the wider campaign. This was delivered and released on the night.

We worked with Firebird on the virtual side of the event, who live-streamed our content to 8000 movers and shakers in the hairdressing industry. 


On the other end of the spectrum, we were ecstatic to see the return of our favourite East London party – We Are FSTVL. Thousands of revellers descended on the Airfield of Dreams to reconnect with their friends. We worked alongside some of the best electronic music acts in the world. 

We delivered the usual quick-fire montage immediately after the festival to launch the release of early bird tickets for next year’s show. 


The main takeaway from these events is the shift in focus for the marketing teams. In the ever-changing world of social media, algorithms are king. We must be quick to adapt our content strategies. Different channels rise and present ways of reaching new audiences. Essentially TikTok is not just for kids anymore!

We cut these clips on-site for We Are FSTVL, in order to share highlights throughout the weekend and induce severe FOMO in all those that didn’t attend. They performed incredibly well and engaged a huge audience of potential ticket buyers for next year’s festival. 

Montage videos are getting shorter and shorter, as they need to be turned around quickly and appeal to an increasingly time-savvy audience with shorter attention spans. Will they eventually be replaced? We’re intrigued to see the next phase.

Contact us to discuss the future of content and we’ll collaborate to determine what’s right for your marketing strategy.