Taking workshops online

Made My Wardrobe is a movement founded by Lydia Higginson to inspire the clothes making community to make their own garments from scratch. It started with Lydia’s own wardrobe (which is now entirely homemade) and has developed into a thriving business focused on group workshops helping people learn the art of sewing and the benefits of homemade clothes. Lydia is the sister of Clockwise team members Daniel and Simeon Higginson and we have proudly watched every step of her journey as she has managed to forge a career and spanned different industries whilst keeping to her core values and message of sustainable fashion and skill sharing. We had often talked about the value of producing online workshops to run alongside the physical workshops but it wasn’t until Covid struck that these plans were finally put into motion. After a few months without any significant film shoots we were so glad to be back behind the camera.

silver lining

The idea of this project was to provide a video tutorial that can be watched alongside the written directions that are provided when someone purchases one of Lydia’s sewing patterns. It was really important that the information was clear and direct but the audience also got a flavour for Lydia’s passion for the process.

The workshops were shot in The Forge in Bristol where we had a 4 camera set up covering all aspects of the process. We wanted to include as much life and energy in the films whilst keeping them clean and easy on the eye. This was achieved with the help of a track and dolly and an aerial camera.

Clockwise Creative Director Daniel developed the idea’s from scratch with Lydia collaborating on everything from the script, shooting style and edit. 
It was great to have a creative piece of content to focus on during the pandemic, especially one that may have never happened if it hadn’t been for the pandemic. We always shoot in small teams and this was no different. Covid inspired content shot in a Covid safe environment. 

Each workshop was split into 4 films covering different aspects of the process. We also shot a series of additional social content and photography on shoot to assist the campaign. It was really important to Lydia that we were able to turn the edits around as quickly as possible so that these online workshops could be released during lockdown to help inspire people to continue to be creative through the winter. Sewing is a great activity to do from the safety of your own some and these workshops make it easy and accesable.

spread the creativity

When the workshops were launched Lydia had 655 people signed up for the course updated including over 200 people in the first 24 hours. Subsequently sales for her Dungaree pattern increased by 5x from the previous month.