When one of our team ties the knot it’s likely that half the wedding guests can operate a camera. That means high expectations for the video!

This time was my turn in the hot seat and I gave Clockwise creative director and groomsman Dan Higginson free reign over how to capture proceedings.

Dan really went to town on the concept and made an entertaining and personal film to document the occasion. He also managed to juggle his groomsman duties and responsibility for two children while directing the camera team on the big day!

Some of our regular crew members, Sim, Luke and Callum, shared camera duties and managed to catch all the magic moments.

The French location was incredible and luckily the weather held out long enough for the crew to get some awesome drone shots of the chateaux.

Massive thanks to the team for their efforts on the video. I feel lucky that we can use our resources to create something special like this and cement these memories forever.

Ollie – Commercial director

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