We’ve been working with the next generation of young filmmakers on a series of short documentaries.  In February this year Clockwise ran an edit workshop at the Watershed in Bristol as part of the BFI Film Academy 2018.

Four groups of films students had been tasked with creating short documentaries to be screened at the Watershed cinema and published by Rife magazine.

We were really impressed with the stories the students had found and the footage they’d shot and had ready for editing.

Clockwise creative director Dan Higginson gave the teams a crash course in documentary storytelling and media management and then helped them set up their projects.

After that, it was over to them! We left the workshop intrigued to see what they produced and its fair to say we haven’t been disappointed.

This film tells the story of Margaret Dodds, Bristol City F.C.’s 100-year-old superfan. Season ticket holder Margaret talks about her life, her love for the game, and the way in which sport can unite people of all ages in this emotional documentary.

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